Rays Relics: Largest WWII Era Radial Engine Parts Inventory on the Planet

Love and Aeromotive PartsYou need parts for aeromotive radial engine repairs or radial engine overhaul?

First, call Anderson Aeromotive, Inc.  – 208.983.3435

Ray Anderson of Anderson Aeromotive has been acquiring parts inventory on Pratt & Whitney and Curtiss-Wright radial engines for well over 20 years.

For Ray, collecting these aeromotive parts is a fetish of sorts.  Some guys collect car parts, other guys collect old signs or motorcycle parts.  Ray is very fond of the idea that he is amassing the largest collection of every kind of aeromotive radial part ever made.   It’s his passion.  

IMG_5965These cylinders and gauges, wings and boxes of WWII Warbird parts are part of his soul.  

Ray  loves the chance to visit one of his many warehouses, to root around for a particular part needed by one of his shop mechanics.   If someone in Anderson Aeromotive shop has a special engine overhaul project and needs to round up the missing piece, Ray is on it.   Suffice to say, Ray Anderson is to his Curtiss-Wright and Pratt & Whitney parts like a beekeeper is to his bees, like a baseball coach is to his players.   Its who he is and because of that unique regard and honor for the history of the radial engines, and his obsession with making a home for these war era parts, they exist in his warehouses, as a privileged relic of the past.   In Rays reveries, his rescued collections of  radial engine parts escaped a fate that might have otherwise sent them to their demise in a parts graveyard.  

These WWII parts are protected under lock and key.  Like the land of misfit toys, each part has the hope of being put to use, somewhere, some day.  To have purpose and glory in some radial engine brought to life, the parts are meaningful and represent a piece of history of the world.   For Ray Anderson,  that makes all the difference.  


If you’re searching for hard to find parts, or just need a great deal on volume parts, we recommend you call Anderson Aeromotive first.

Hands down, Anderson Aeromotive, Inc. has largest inventory of hard-to-find radial engine parts that other repair shops just don’t have.  It’s highly likely, they will  call Anderson Aeromotive to buy the parts, and then markup to you.   It happens all the time!   If you want to buy parts direct, without the middleman, Anderson Aeromotive will give you the best price on the parts you need, right from our own warehouse.

Of course, if you are contracting the overhaul and repair, we’d love to bid on your project.  Anderson Aeromotive will offer you quality and expert services with the highest degree of integrity and knowledge.

Our goal is simple, and we’re close to meeting our goal:  Anderson Aeromotive will dominate the radial engine overhaul and repair services, as well as the PARTS market for both Pratt and Whitney and Curtiss-Wright overhaul and repair projects.  Why go anywhere else?

Here’s a recent look at our massive warehousing of hundreds of thousands of specialty parts for your aeromotive radial engine projects: